Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pinspiration - DIY Tablet Holder

I use my HP Tablet a lot in the kitchen when trying out new recipes (from Pinterest of course) and can never find the right place to set it up. After finding a tutorial on Mamie Jane’s I decided to make one myself. I like the cutting board idea for the kitchen but I also want to use it in my craft room, so when I came upon this chipboard plaque ($3.99 & 40% off) at Hobby Lobby I thought it would be a perfect substitute.

I used scrap wood I found in the garage to make the stand and ledge. To assemble I used wood glue and small finishing nails. Originally I had painted the plaque Valspar’s La Fonda Ortiz Gold and then used Valspar’s Perfect Storm to make a chevron pattern, but it turned out to sloppy, so I painted the entire thing Perfect Storm. I wanted some contrasting color so I left the ledge Gold. After assembling, I painted the stand and touched up spots that needed it.
I like the way it looks and think it will do the job, but I think that if I were to make it again I would look for a plaque that could be flush with the stand. Because if its shape, the point is longer than the curved edges and therefore can’t add support to the stand.  Using a cutting board would definitely make it more stable. Maybe I’ll check Goodwill for a cutting board and make another holder to keep in the kitchen and leave this one in the craft room.

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