Friday, December 11, 2015

Growing Pumpkins

As my favorite season has come to an end and the color has fallen from the trees, I feel it’s time to recap October and this year’s garden. Last year I purchased a number of pumpkins and gourds from various places and saved the seeds to plant this spring. This was my first attempt at saving seeds and I’m happy to report they all grew! We had about 12 orange pumpkins and a dozen small striped pumpkins.

 My 2 two favorite pumpkins! 

Turks Turban Squash! 

 Flower pots got re-purposed after the flowers were done! 

 I wasn't ready to put away the wash tubs yet, so they got some pumpkins and sunflowers!

This year I went to an apple orchard with a friend and while she picked apples, I picked up a few new beauties. Prices ranged from $2-5 dollars each and I knew that I would get way more seeds this way rather than ordering seeds online, plus I get the benefit of enjoying the pumpkins this fall.

Porcelain Doll Pumpkins
 I don't have a great photo of the one I got, but I took a photo of each type and name at the orchard so that I could remember all the variations of each pumpkin. 

Peanut Pumpkin

Long Island Cheese & One Too Many

Its not like I have a favorite or anything!

One special pumpkin got to be Iowa State's mascot for trunk-or-treat! 

I can't wait to see what we will harvest next fall!!!

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